The Only Road

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Author; Alexandra Diaz

This book was actually really good. I picked it out at the school library because it looked interesting, and it was really action-packed. It has a little Spanish in it, but that’s okay. It was really good.


A cry starts us off with this action-packed book. Jaime’s mother cries out, and his pencil skates across the paper. It couldn’t be… them? But it is. The Alphas, a local gang, have struck again. They have beat Jaime’s cousin and best friend, Miguel, to death. The funeral takes place soon after, and Jaime must not become upset, for that will confuse the spirit.

The Alphas then set their eyes on Angela, Miguel’s sister, and Jaime. They give them time to mourn their member, then they must help deliver a “package” that can only be illegal drugs. So Miguel’s father sends them to their older brother who lives in America. They sew American dollars into the lining of their jeans, and sends them off.

They cross the Guatemalan-Mexican border with Pacho, an elderly man who has always sold his wares in the small town where Jaime’s family lives. Once across the other side, they make their way into a town and stay at a church run by a unique pastor. He lets them stay for free, as long as they help with chores once in a while. While at the church, Angela and Jaime meet three other boys, who help them on the way to their goal. All of them eventually leave Jaime and Angela in different ways.

One of the boys leaves after a couple men confront the group. He goes with them to help steal, sell illegal drugs, and other awful things. Another of the boys, (the youngest and quietest) who was attached to Angela, leaves after deciding to take the train and tell the last remaining boy to stay with Angela. After he leaves, Jaime realizes that “he” was not a boy. The last of the boys, the oldest, is killed in a terrible and adrenaline-pumping truck chase in which Angela gets injured and cannot walk.

Angela and Jaime eventually make it to a farm where the lady inside lets them drink water, fix gates, and watch after the children. She also takes them to the United States-Mexican border.

Will Angela and Jaime make it to their brother, Tomas? Will they ever talk to their family back in Guatemala again? Read this exciting book to find out!

Personal Review;

I loved this book. It was really exciting, and I don’t think that I reviewed it quick enough after I read it to portray the excitement and loss that I felt from this book. I really hope you read this young adult fiction book!

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Sexual content; Sexual reference to when they are crossing the border, they must take of almost all clothes and some men look at Angela. No elaborate descriptions.

Violence content; Reference to gory content, separated limbs beside train tracks.

Drug/Alcohol content; none



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