Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything

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Author; Nicola Yoon

I almost could not put this thing down! I got distracted way too many times (sorry, Mom)… I love it a lot; definitely on my top 10 list.


Madeline has a disease called SCID. She has lots of triggers that could cause her to die. Her house is completely sanitary and has an air filter system running through her house. If people want to visit her, they have to go through a cleaning process that is a pain. Madeline spends time with her mother all the time and has never understood why teenagers are always mad at their parents. Madeline’s dad died in a car accident a long time ago, and her mother is still upset about it. Madeline has no problem with the way she lives. Until he moves in.

Olly is a teenager who lives out in the world, and right next door to Madeline. He always dresses in all black and can do gymnast moves that dazzle Madeline as she watches him out her bedroom window. Olly’s dad is abusive and yells at his family, and his mother just complies. Olly sometimes has to fight his dad to save his mother, though she tells him not to. Madeline begins to IM Olly and feels like she really knows him. This is obviously not enough for Madeline because she eventually asks her caretaker, Nurse Janet, to allow him over to visit her. She convinces Nurse Janet and Olly is allowed over. They gradually come closer and closer together until they finally touch, even though Madeline is risking her life to do so. Maddy, as he calls her, is experiencing something incredible that she never thought could happen to her. But she know that it will eventually have to end. She can’t keep Olly a secret from her mother forever.

When Maddy’s mother finally finds out about Olly, the situation is messy. Her mother forbids her to ever see him again and takes away her Internet privileges. No more Olly.

But Maddy cannot stop loving Olly. She goes to Hawaii with him, since she wants to see the place that her mother went to with her when she wasn’t sick and her father. Maddy has a horrible sickness attack at the hotel where she and Olly stay. After Maddy gets home, she doesn’t talk to him until he leaves. But Maddy discovers something that turns her whole world upside down. What will she do with this earth-shaking truth? Since I am truly evil, you now have to read the book to find out. Hehehe. 😁

Personal review;

I really loved this book. Full of twists and turns with just the right amount of predictability. I love it!! But I would recommend it to ages 13 and up. The only thing I wish it could have had was an epilogue about what happened with Olly and Maddy. 

I rate this book 4 ½ out of 5.

Sexual Content; reference to sexual content to Olly and Maddy in hotel in Hawaii

Violence Content; reference to violence with Olly and his father

Drug/Alcohol Content; reference to alcohol with Olly’s father, reference to smoking with Olly’s sister


I hope you enjoyed this review! Thank you for reading. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. I have a lot on my plate with school.


Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

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Adrienne Parker

Hello! I'm a teenager who loves to read, write, and inspire. My dream is to write something that will inspire people all over the world. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!!

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