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I don’t know what type of superhuman you are if you can get up in the morning in a good mood. I don’t love mornings, I hate getting out of bed. But I do understand the feeling when you decide to feel good and make others happy. I love making others happy. So, I’ve been sick for the past four days, and I hope every morning that I can go back to school. Today, I cannot (again) but I’m going to dedicate this day to make my mom and dad smile. Since they have to put up with me for the WHOLE day. 🙂 Anyways, I know this sounds incredibly cheesy and cliché, but go out into the world in the morning and make people happy. I promise you, you’ll feel better.

Number Four in the series. This one was really short and happy, I hope. Hope you enjoyed it!

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

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Adrienne Parker

Hello! I'm a young teenager who has one dream; to make people happy! I want to write something that people want to read, something that will inspire them to keep fighting. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!

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