Quote #30

Harry Potter Quote from Albus Dumbledore

Image credit; http://www.pinterest.com

Site obtained from; http://www.lifeonsummerhill.com

I like this quote a lot.  Not just because I’m biased and I love the Harry Potter series more than, well, a lot of things.  But this quote is really cool, it’s true, although people almost never look at things this way.  People go through hardships everyday.  Some of them get through it, they remember that because one bad thing happens, that doesn’t mean that everything’s over.  They remember that there is something you can do to make you life better; turn on the light.  It’s always there.  You just need to remember that.

I know this one’s really short, but I’ll let the quote speak for itself.  Hope you enjoyed this one.

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

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Adrienne Parker

Hello! I'm a young teenager who has one dream; to make people happy! I want to write something that people want to read, something that will inspire them to keep fighting. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!

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