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This quote is from the second book in the Twilight series, New Moon.  Edward had left Bella because he thought she’d be safer.  He turned out to be wrong, but when he left, Bella was overcome with such a pain and grief.  She had loved Edward more than anything.  Bella was in this type of terrible pain for weeks.  But when her father, Charlie, tried to make her go back to live with her mother in Florida, she threw a fit and wouldn’t leave.  She then awakened and became this kind of “zombie” as Bella puts it.  She didn’t feel anything, she didn’t do anything.  She chose the numbness instead of the pain.  I’m not sure what I would choose.  If I could choose either nothing or pain, I would probably choose nothing.  But, then again, that just delays the pain.

Quote 31 is from Twilight!  Do you guys like Twilight?  It seems to me that either you hate or you love it.  I used to hate it with a burning passion, but now it’s my tied second-favorite book.

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