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Books about Heartbreak: Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

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“The secret is in absolutely refusing to let the river beat you down. If I had to, I’d measure my progress in inches. One more inch I’ve swum—one less inch to swim. Once you know the secret, then nobody’s river can bring you down.”
― Bette Greene, Summer of My German Soldier

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This image is the cover of one of Top Ten favorite books.  The Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Green is a very sad story.  Patty is beaten by her father and her mother pelts her with snide comments every minute of every day.  Anton, a German prisoner, is one of very few of Patty’s friends.  Even though Patty is Jewish, she helps Anton to escape and shelters him.  Even though Patty’s life is rough, she doesn’t let anyone get her down.  She is talking about her mother and father.  She says that you can cross anyone’s river by sheer will power and determination.  I agree with Patty on this.

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