Quote #33

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. ― Dr. Seuss

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This quote it amazing, even though it’s easier said than done.  We love to stay within our comfort zones, stay with something normal.  If we have to leave that normal, our life seems hectic and disorganized.  But I agree with Dr. Seuss.  When something good happens, a blessing, it’s still a blessing when it’s over.  It still happened, and you learned from it, it shaped you that much more into the person you are meant to be.  I’m leaving junior high this year, continuing on to high school.  This is a crazy thing, I’m getting closer everyday to leaving my home, going to college, graduating, and hopefully getting a job.  But I’m going to cherish my time as a child, and move on into adolescence.

This quote is fairly popular, and it really is true.

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

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Adrienne Parker

Hello! I'm a young teenager who has one dream; to make people happy! I want to write something that people want to read, something that will inspire them to keep fighting. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!

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