Unsolved Mysteries; Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam, age 21, was staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California.  She disappeared on January 31, 2013, but was not discovered until several weeks later by authorities.  After several guests had complained of discolored and a strange taste in the water, Elisa was found naked with her clothes and room key in the water tank above the hotel.  There are many theories about what happened to Elisa Lam, many of them confused by the last footage found of her in an elevator.


People were mystified by her strange behavior, such as pushing all the buttons in the elevator, or checking outside it, and her strange hand gestures that suggest that she was talking to someone off screen.  She also steps out of the room to look both ways before hiding back inside a corner.  Elisa eventually leaves, and the elevator door closes.

Some theories say that Elisa killed herself, although this is unlikely.  Elisa could have gotten onto the roof by the fire escape, though the employees never heard the alarms that should have gone off.  The hotel water tanks were high off the ground and extremely heavy.  No ladders were found at the scene, and Elisa was not strong enough to lift the top by herself.

My theory is that someone, perhaps someone she knew, had killed her.  When you are in a dangerous situation with someone in an elevator, you can push all of the buttons to stop at every floor.  This increases your chance of someone seeing and saving you.  I think that Elisa was running from someone.  That would explain how she got inside the water tank, why there was no ladders.  A murder would have been well thought-out, enough to disable the alarms in the fire escape.  This isn’t entirely plausible, because there is no footage or evidence of a second person with Elisa Lam.

To find out more about Elisa Lam and other theories, go to this website.

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Adrienne Parker

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