The Land of Blood and Shadows

This one is hardcore fantasy, but I like it.  It’s creepy and cool, I enjoyed writing it!


Land of Blood and Shadows

I was not always the hunted; I used to be the hunter.  I was a wondrous creature. I could stalk someone so silently, then wind stood still.  The night disguised me, shadows helped me stay anonymous. They bent to my will, making me the most feared criminal in all of Bloodcaster.  I had no regrets. If the rulers of this wretched city weren’t going to do anything, then I could. I did.

But, I contradict myself, I do have a regret.  For my whole life I have been without a companion.  I have been a lone wolf for most of my life, and I admit, it has been getting to me.  I imagine it must be nice to come to a warm home, call out to your mate, have them answer cheerfully, happy that you’re home.

No one is happy to see me.  I have no one to call out my name with joy, with love, with the tenderness that only two mates can have.

I shrug to myself.  I don’t need anyone, I tell myself.

But the memories come without a call, though I try to suppress them.  They will break through my wall eventually, I think, so I might as well as get them over with.


Two Years Earlier….


I was the daughter of one of the rulers of Bloodcaster.  Perhaps the thing that had sparked my rebellion against my father was his nonchalance.  When people came into his office to report the dead, he shrugged them off, saying it was less mouths to feed.  I remember seeing red as I yelled at him that he had no sense of pride, of compassion, the coward. I still feel a growl growing in my throat when I think of the vile man.

After my rebellion, when I was about eighteen, I made it my mission to be the lone “police” of Bloodcaster.  I researched and read newspapers, trying to separate the wicked from the innocent. I learned much about myself in those two years I worked alone.

I was the stealthiest and best tracker in all of Bloodcaster.  I could move so silently animals could not hear me, even with their improved hearing.  I practiced for hours, so I could sneak up on my prey and kill them quickly. I trained with knives, scythes, bow and arrows, clubs, and everything else I could access.

As I said, my “job” lasted for two years.  To my intense pleasure, crime in Bloodcaster decreased greatly.  People were afraid to kill or steal, for fear of the “Silent Shadow,” as they called me.

I still remember the first time I saw him, and he saw me.

I had just finished another job, and I walked down the alley, pulling back the hood I always wore to protect my identity.  But he saw me. I remember the thoughts rushing through my head. Will he tell? Does he know who I am? Is this the end.

But he didn’t look afraid, something that I had never seen before.  I always inspired terror, sometimes pleading. I never spoke, because I knew that technology had increased.  People with high-tech gadgets could recognize my voice.

But he smiled at me.  He walked close to me, and he began to talk.

“I saw you.” he said, still smiling. “Our house was being robbed, and you stopped it.  I don’t believe you’re what the newspapers say. You don’t kill the innocent.”

I stood stunned.  I remembered what he was talking about.  I had been walking down the street when I saw someone shooting the lock on a door.  I pulled up my hood, and crouched down behind some bushes. I shot the man in the back of the head.  He dropped like a stone, and did not move again. I waited until morning when someone came out of the door to scream and move the body.  I remember now the young boy looking at my eyes accidentally, and I was certain that he had seen me. But he looked away and helped his mother back into the house and into a chair, I hope.

I came back to reality with a start.  He was holding out his hand to me, a gesture of friendship.  I hesitated for a long moment, but he still did not put his hand down.  I shook, certain that he would keep my secret.

We talked then, and I fell in love.  I would never admit this to him, because he regarded me as nothing more than someone to admire.  I could also never settle down with him, for I moved around frequently with my “job.” I was destined to die alone, most likely in a prison cell.  I didn’t see him much, but when I did, he was always so wonderful. He worried about me every time I left. I told him that no one would ever catch me.  I was too good for them.

By that time, my father had heard of the Silent Shadow.  He sent out his personal guard to catch me. I found the guards comical.  They were so loud, I wondered how they stood it. But I had come to realize a long time ago that I had powers outside of the normal human being.  When I hunted, I let myself go and I shone like a star. Every move was executed perfectly. Until that fateful night.

I squeeze my eyes shut every time I think of it.  I had gone to see him. We were walking and I was thinking very hard about how to tell him that we could never work out as a couple, as he had been too-casually hinting about it tonight.  I was too dangerous, my lifestyle was too dangerous.

But one of my father’s soldiers caught me off-guard.  I tried to escape, as I had many times, but he got in the way, trying to protect me.  My blade meant for the soldier went through him like he was made of paper. I remember his shocked expression, his scorching words that burned me from the inside out.

“You did this.” he said to me.

I dropped beside him, the knife falling out of my hand.  All thoughts of self-preservation were gone. I kneeled next to him, whispering that I loved him, that I was sorry.

When the soldier hauled me to my feet, I didn’t even try to think of a way to escape.  I was burned with grief and sorrow, hating myself for what I had done.

I was brought to this prison cell after my trial, which was just for show at that point.  I am currently waiting here to die.

Someone opens the door.  I get up with they drag my arm and they walk me into a drab room, one that speaks ominously of death to me.

I expect there to be some sort of ceremony, but Bloodcaster is past the point of caring.  I feel a needle in my arm, and I inhale sharply out of instinct. I don’t even try to fight the blackness that falls over me.  But it is a good thing, this permanent unconsciousness. The blackness is comforting and cool, letting me wander away from my thoughts forever.


This creepy tale is one of my favorites, hope you enjoy!

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

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Adrienne Parker

Hello! I'm a teenager who loves to read, write, and inspire. My dream is to write something that will inspire people all over the world. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!!

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  1. Wow, this one is creepy!! I especially liked how she came off as so smart and mysterious, but when she accidentally kills him she just melts. I love this spooky and sad story, thank you for sharing!!!!

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