Quote #39

Image credit; http://www.pinterest.com

Site obtained from; http://www.quoteread.com

So, I was just scrolling through Pinterest (best place ever to find quotes) and I saw this one.  This is really true, in a lot of ways.  Your true friends (or family) will know when you’re sad without you having to tell them.  They’ll just do little things to help you feel better.  I think this is important if you’re looking for a future partner, that they will listen to you even if you haven’t said anything.  They’ll observe, they won’t have to have a direct command, “help me”.  This is kind of short, but there’s not a whole lot to say.  The quote kind of speaks for itself.

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

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Adrienne Parker

Hello! I'm a young teenager who has one dream; to make people happy! I want to write something that people want to read, something that will inspire them to keep fighting. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!

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