White Grave Wedding Dress

I’ve recently been getting into writing short stories.  I love it so much!  This one is my favorite, and by far my best.  Side note; the bet inside the story is true.  I made the exact same bet with my sister.  I hope you enjoy my short story!

White Grave Wedding Dress

As I sneaked into my girlfriend’s apartment that evening, I was a little more than a little nervous.  I had been thinking about this night for more than a month, planning out every single detail. Everything HAD to be perfect.  A few days before, I could hardly eat. Wild thoughts raced through my head when I was trying to sleep at night. What if she says no?  What if she doesn’t feel the same as I do? Will she break up with me? Will my heart ever heal again if she does?

For I was planning on proposing to her that night.

Asena and I met when we were in 6th grade.  I had always noticed her, how could I not? Even in 6th grade, I knew she was beautiful.  Her long auburn hair hung to her waist when she left it down. Her eyes were hard and calculating when she was on edge, but when she was comfortable they were warm and light.  She hardly spoke to anyone, only to her best friend, Via. Even in class, she didn’t like to speak. Everyone knew she was smart, but she just didn’t let on much. Everyone in our class noticed her, but I doubt anyone noticed her as much as I did.

Despite my attraction to Asena, we didn’t really start talking until high school started. Over that summer, she had changed, grown into herself.  She was more beautiful than ever. I was still too afraid to talk to her, for fear she would shut me down. But it was my love for music that enabled me an excuse to talk to her.

I loved music, it fascinated me.  Classical music by Beethoven and Bach, but also modern music.  When I was at home, I’d just listen to music for hours, hearing the blend of voices, the background beat, and piano, guitar, or whatever instrument I could hear.

I took the choir class, trying it for the first time.  My elementary music teacher told me I had a good voice.  I couldn’t be sure, as I had never really sang in front of her.  In elementary, you don’t really care that much about music, you never really sing, either, you just kind of mumble and hope that your teacher won’t yell at you after the concert.  Anyways, I was eager to start.

Asena and I started talking when I noticed how wonderful her voice was.  I asked her about her preferences in music, and we just started hanging out.  We’d go over to my house and listen to some new music I’d found. When she concentrated on the music, it looked like she was trying to set fire to the carpet with her eyes.

We didn’t start dating until the summer before sophomore year, when we’d started to spend the most time together.  We went to the park together, just as friends, to just listen to the sounds and feel the breeze. But the best time that summer was when I took her to her first concert.  When I saw the ads, I started saving up. Asena’s favorite band, Careless Rain, was playing. I knew that she had never been to a concert, and I knew that she would have the time of her life.

When I finally presented her with the tickets, she just looked at them for a long moment.  My heart was beating so loud, I worried that she would just cast them away. Before I knew what was happening, she leapt at me and hugged me, for the first time, so tight it was hard to breathe.  But I didn’t care, I didn’t care.

At the concert, she just closed her eyes during the first song.  I don’t think she even noticed how hard she was grinning. She was completely lost in the music.  To this day, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. After the first song, she opened her eyes and looked at me with bright eyes and an even brighter smile.

“Thank you,” she said to me, and hugged me, more gently than that first time.  I hugged her back hesitantly.

She let go of me, and lost herself in the music again.  When the concert was over, I drove her home. I walked her up to the front door, but she didn’t open it and go inside, like usual.  She stood in front of me, just looking into my eyes. I couldn’t move. She moved closer to me, and kissed me.

We became a couple soon after that night.  Asena had been hiding so much of her personal life from me.  After we started dating, she told me more about her family than I would have ever guessed.  Her father left her mother when Asena was only three years old. Her mother had a drinking problem for most of Asena’s childhood, although she was getting better.

Asena also told me that she had been enslaved by her thoughts for a while in junior high.  She couldn’t control her thoughts, she had been depressed. She told me that sometimes she would get home and cry for hours.  Soon after she told me this, I had been so angry at her stubbornness. Why didn’t she get help? But I knew, she was too prideful to admit she couldn’t do it alone.

During high school, I started saving up for my future, I got a job working as a farmhand on weekends during school and every other day during the summer.  I didn’t know then quite what I was saving for, but I would know in a few more years.

After we graduated high school, we went to the same college, quite by accident.  I had been looking at Martinez University for a long time, because of its excellent music program.  I could learn about the music industry, mostly about digital music production. I decided to get a degree in media planning in marketing.  We got quite a few scholarships between the two of us.

Asena went to Martinez University to also learn about music, mostly vocal and instrumental music, and get a degree in therapy and journalism.  She had always wanted to help young people overcome mental issues like anxiety and depression. She would be perfect for her job, either therapy or journalism.  She would also fit the music business, her voice was so beautiful.

College was amazing, I met a lot of new people.  My dorm roommate, Derik, was one of the best people I’ve ever met.  Asena’s roommate, Renna, was also a great person. Renna really helped Asena overcome some of her shyness in front of large groups of people.

After college, Asena and I each bought an apartment, even though I was secretly planning to propose by this time.  Asena got a job at the local newspaper, and she was making pretty good money. Her employers loved the way she wrote, how she related to every person who read her articles.  I also got a job working as a media planner.

Which leads me here, where the story began.  Sneaking into my girlfriend’s apartment, laying everything out with my hands shaking.

I had no idea what to do for my proposal for Asena.  Instead of putting out the cliché rose petals, I used dozens of bouquets she had pointed out to me in her favorite flower shop.  They were a mixture of Vendela roses, Dusty Millers, Anemone, White Ranunculus, Blue Thistle, and Silver Brunia. When all the flowers were laid out, all thanks to Renna, I set out the speakers in the hallway.  I was planning on playing, “Like An Angel” by Careless Rain, as it was Asena’s favorite song.

The rest of the setup was a blur, I’m surprised I made it through without collapsing from nerves.  Renna was the one who made everything go correctly. I vaguely remember Derik stopping by and helping, but I can’t be sure.

“Can I see the ring before I go?” Renna asked me.

I wordlessly pulled out the small box, and handed it to her.  She gasped when she opened it. I admit, it is a beautiful ring.  It was silver, the top molded into a rose shape. In the center, a beautiful diamond resided.  The sides were twisted with the tiniest of diamonds on them. Asena would love it.

The clearest memory was when I heard the front door’s lock turning, and I knew that it was Asena.  I raced to the bedroom, where I would put my heart out on the line, where it could get hurt. I pushed “play” on my phone, and heard the quiet music start.  In my mind, I imagined Asena seeing the white envelope, taking out the letter and reading it with the concentration I loved to see on her.

As the doorknob turned slowly, my heart jumped into my throat.  I tried to swallow.

Asena walked into the room and stopped in her tracks when she saw me.  We stared at each other for a solid thirty seconds. I then came to my senses and slid off the bed to stand before her.  I looked into her gray eyes and forgot what I was supposed to say. So I improvised.

“Asena,” I said in a quiet voice. “I love you.  I have loved you since we became friends in high school.  I still can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to call you mine.  But you’re not completely mine, yet.”

I sank onto one knee and pulled out the small velvet box.  I opened it slowly.

“Asena Jackleen Linz,” I said, still staring into her eyes. “Will you make me the happiest man in the world?  Will you marry me?”

For about a minute, Asena just stared at me.  Then, to my surprise, she also dropped onto one knee.

“Will,” she said in her melodious voice. “I love you, too.  I have ever since that first concert with you. You’ve proved to me countless times that you are a great man, and I sincerely believe that.  I will always be yours, no matter what.”

She put her hands on my frozen ones around the small box.

“William Daniel Thomason,” she said. “Will you make me the luckiest girl in the world?  Will you marry me?”

I stared at her, wondering how a person could surprise me so much.

“Of course, Asena,” I said, my eyes never leaving hers. “I love you.”

“Then, yes to your question, as well,” she said.

I slid the beautiful ring on her finger.  She watched my hands, mesmerized. I kissed her, hardly believing my luck.

She pulled back and hugged me.

“Oh, Will,” she said. “Meira won the bet.”

For a moment, I didn’t say anything.  I was sure that I’d heard wrong.

“Come again?” I asked, pulling away to look her in the eyes.

She smiled the saddest smile I’ve ever seen. “Meira, my sister.  She won the bet.”

My brain reeled.  A sister? In the near ten years I’d known Asena, she’d never mentioned a sister.

“I didn’t know you had a sister,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“I didn’t,” she said, further confusing me.  Until I heard her continue, “I had two.”

Soon after these bewildering confessions, Asena led me to her car and drove us out of town.  She wouldn’t tell me where she was taking me, only that I’d understand soon. We came to a small piece of land surrounded by a white fence, with many trees around it.  I saw the headstones, the flowers, the words written on each stone. Oh.

Asena got out, and started walking to the middle of the graveyard.  I caught up to her and held her hand. She squeezed my hand, as though reassured herself I was really there.  She walked down about ten rows, then turned right and continued for five more stones. She stopped in front of two graves, side by side.

One grave read,

Here lies

Vanya Mirella Linz.

Birth; December 10, 2004

Death; December 16, 2014

“Your spirit goes on while your body is left behind.”

The other grave read,

Here lies

Meira Evette Linz

Birth; June 13, 2000

Death; July 6, 2014

“Keep up your happiness, it’s the only thing keeping you here.”

I was shocked.  How could Asena not tell me that she had two deceased sisters?  That seemed like something that you should tell your significant other.

I was too busy with my wild thoughts to notice that Asena had fallen onto her knees and put her face in her hands.  I sank down beside her instantly, and put my arms around her.

She gasped and took her hands away.  She touched Vanya’s grave, then Meira’s.  Tears were falling down her face like a rain shower.  She didn’t seem to notice.

“Meira and Vanya were my sisters,” Asena said.  “They were the happiest and sweetest girls I’ve ever met.  Vanya died of cancer when she was ten. Meira died in a car accident when she was fourteen.  Before she died, Meira and I made a bet. Meira bet me $10 that I would get married. I agreed, saying that I wouldn’t.  I said that even if she died, I would put $10 on her grave. Of course, I never dreamed she would die so young.”

“Asena,” I said, speaking for the first time since entering the graveyard. “How could you not tell me something as important as this?”

My voice was not harsh or angry, as I wasn’t angry, but Asena flinched. “I didn’t want people looking at me like I was a kicked puppy.  The poor girl with two dead sisters. I meant to tell you once we started dating, so many times. But I could never get the words out. You’re the first person I’ve ever told about them.  It’s so hard to talk about, even now.”

She turned her eyes away from the graves to look at me beseechingly. “I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, Will.”

I looked into her eyes and saw a still-raw pain.

“Asena, I know this has been hard for you.  I forgive you. But they would be proud of you.  I know they would, you’re amazing,” I said, meaning every word.

“Thank you, Will,” she said, leaning into me. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

We sat there for a long time after that, just sitting there, not even talking.  When we finally left, we went to Asena’s apartment and laid on the couch together.

Several months later, the wedding was finally starting.  I was so nervous, especially when Renna evicted me from the room so she could dress Asena up.  Who thought of the rule that the groom can’t see the bride before the wedding?

When I saw Asena walking down the aisle, my nerves were gone.  I knew that my life was starting, that it was going to be wonderful.  All because of that beautiful woman walking towards me, in a pure white wedding dress.  I knew, and I was right. My life has never been better.

I hope you enjoyed my first published short story!  Thank you for reading!

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker


Image credit; http://www.amazon.com

Author; Neal Shusterman

I read this book for my teen book group, and it is a really amazing book. I love the imagination of all the different aspects of the story. Hope you read it!!


Society has evolved. People can no longer die of disease, hunger, or even “splatting” or jumping of a roof or into the way of a moving car for fun. People who die are called “deadish” and can be brought back to life inside a revival center. In order to keep the population under control, Scythes are established. They have a quota to fill and must glean, as they call it, people as they wish to do it.

Scythe Faraday met two young people in two different ways. He met Citra Terranova when he came to her house to borrow a knife to glean their neighbor. He met Rowan Damisch at his school when he came to glean a student there that Rowan did not know. He accompanied him until the student was dead.

Scythe Faraday decided that he would take on two apprentices, if they wanted it. Citra and Rowan both decided they wanted it. But there was a problem. They could not both be installed as scythes in a year, one of them must leave. It will be a competition, and Scythe Faraday will be the judge on who the new scythe must be.

At the Scythe Gathering, Citra and Rowan are challenged by one of Scythe Goddard’s followers. She says that they have been too comfortable with each other, and now they are pitted against each other. The one who wins the apprenticeship will have the “privilege” of gleaning the other.

Citra and Rowan both show strengths over the year, but something happens that leaves them petrified. Scythe Faraday dies. It is said that he self-gleaned, which is a violation of the scythe’s law. Citra is taken on by Honorable Scythe Curie, one of the most renowned scythes, nicknamed the Grande Dame of Death. Rowan, however, is taken on by Scythe Goddard, a vicious scythe who enjoys gleaning to the fullest.

What will happen between Citra and Rowan? Who will win the apprenticeship? Good questions, but I cannot answer them. Thank you for reading!

Personal Summary;

I love this book. I like the imagination that Neal Shusterman uses in this book. I like the idea of scythes and gleaning, and the Thunderhead, an extremely smart computer program (or so they think). Thank you so much Neal Shusterman for creating a great world! I also hope you read the sequel, Thunderhead. Very well written.

I rate this book 4 1/2 out of 5.

Sexual Content; none

Violence Content; reference to violence with all gleanings and pretty much everything (not too explicit)

Drug/Alcohol Content; none

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. I certainly enjoy writing them!


Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything

Image credit; www.amazon.com

Author; Nicola Yoon

I almost could not put this thing down! I got distracted way too many times (sorry, Mom)… I love it a lot; definitely on my top 10 list.


Madeline has a disease called SCID. She has lots of triggers that could cause her to die. Her house is completely sanitary and has an air filter system running through her house. If people want to visit her, they have to go through a cleaning process that is a pain. Madeline spends time with her mother all the time and has never understood why teenagers are always mad at their parents. Madeline’s dad died in a car accident a long time ago, and her mother is still upset about it. Madeline has no problem with the way she lives. Until he moves in.

Olly is a teenager who lives out in the world, and right next door to Madeline. He always dresses in all black and can do gymnast moves that dazzle Madeline as she watches him out her bedroom window. Olly’s dad is abusive and yells at his family, and his mother just complies. Olly sometimes has to fight his dad to save his mother, though she tells him not to. Madeline begins to IM Olly and feels like she really knows him. This is obviously not enough for Madeline because she eventually asks her caretaker, Nurse Janet, to allow him over to visit her. She convinces Nurse Janet and Olly is allowed over. They gradually come closer and closer together until they finally touch, even though Madeline is risking her life to do so. Maddy, as he calls her, is experiencing something incredible that she never thought could happen to her. But she know that it will eventually have to end. She can’t keep Olly a secret from her mother forever.

When Maddy’s mother finally finds out about Olly, the situation is messy. Her mother forbids her to ever see him again and takes away her Internet privileges. No more Olly.

But Maddy cannot stop loving Olly. She goes to Hawaii with him, since she wants to see the place that her mother went to with her when she wasn’t sick and her father. Maddy has a horrible sickness attack at the hotel where she and Olly stay. After Maddy gets home, she doesn’t talk to him until he leaves. But Maddy discovers something that turns her whole world upside down. What will she do with this earth-shaking truth? Since I am truly evil, you now have to read the book to find out. Hehehe. 😁

Personal review;

I really loved this book. Full of twists and turns with just the right amount of predictability. I love it!! But I would recommend it to ages 13 and up. The only thing I wish it could have had was an epilogue about what happened with Olly and Maddy. 

I rate this book 4 ½ out of 5.

Sexual Content; reference to sexual content to Olly and Maddy in hotel in Hawaii

Violence Content; reference to violence with Olly and his father

Drug/Alcohol Content; reference to alcohol with Olly’s father, reference to smoking with Olly’s sister


I hope you enjoyed this review! Thank you for reading. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. I have a lot on my plate with school.


Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

Bitter End

Bitter End by [Brown, Jennifer]

Image credit; http://www.amazon.com

Author; Jennifer Brown

This book was really good. I read it in one day; I couldn’t put it down!


Alex is a senior and has been planning a trip to Colorado since she was eight with her best friends, Bethany and Zack. She wants to go because her mother died in a car crash on her way there. Alex and her friends are going to go at the end of graduation as a present to themselves.

Alex is tutoring Zack one day when the supervisor tells her she has a new student. His name is Cole, and he just transferred from a different school with many athletic badges on his jacket. He makes friends with Alex right away and eventually asks her out. Cole treats her like a queen and is gentle with her. He is so sweet and seems like he genuinely loves who she really is.

But Cole has a problem with Alex’s relationship with Zack, saying that he just wants to be with Alex and always has his hands all over her. She keeps saying that they’re just friends and that she wants Cole, not Zack. Cole eventually takes Alex to a merry go round and ignores her protests as he spins her faster and faster until she is scared. When she gets off, he calls her whiny. But all her anger drain away when he says three words; “I love you.”

Alex’s relationship with Cole starts going down hill as soon as he shoves her. He gets jealous and angry and hurts her wrist badly. Cole says he’s sorry over and over again and puts roses in her car to make it up to her. She forgives him and she thinks it is a one time thing. But it’s not. He hits her this time, and she stays home from school to hide until the bruises fade a little more. The process repeats and she forgives him again. But the next time is the shocker. Cole shoves Alex down into a ditch where she goes rolling into a tree. At the party they were planning on going to, Cole gets drunk and leaves the party without taking her home. She gets home and tries to sleep. But she is awakened by Cole’s drunk voice. He is shouting at Zack who won’t let Cole inside to see Alex. Zack is almost arrested for beating Cole up.

Will Alex choose herself over love?

Personal Review;

I liked this book. Abusive relationships are a big issue that are hardly talked about. I loved how this book appealed to the love side, and how Alex couldn’t let go of her abusive boyfriend because she loved him. I loved the ending, how she was still broken, but healing.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Sexual Content; reference to sexual content with Cole and Alex several times and jokes with Zack

Violence Content; reference to abuse

Drug/Alcohol Content; reference to alcohol with Cole at a party


I hope you enjoyed this book review! Keep reading and refer this site to people you think would enjoy it as well.



Adrienne Parker

The Only Road

Image credit; http://www.amazon.com

Author; Alexandra Diaz

This book was actually really good. I picked it out at the school library because it looked interesting, and it was really action-packed. It has a little Spanish in it, but that’s okay. It was really good.


A cry starts us off with this action-packed book. Jaime’s mother cries out, and his pencil skates across the paper. It couldn’t be… them? But it is. The Alphas, a local gang, have struck again. They have beat Jaime’s cousin and best friend, Miguel, to death. The funeral takes place soon after, and Jaime must not become upset, for that will confuse the spirit.

The Alphas then set their eyes on Angela, Miguel’s sister, and Jaime. They give them time to mourn their member, then they must help deliver a “package” that can only be illegal drugs. So Miguel’s father sends them to their older brother who lives in America. They sew American dollars into the lining of their jeans, and sends them off.

They cross the Guatemalan-Mexican border with Pacho, an elderly man who has always sold his wares in the small town where Jaime’s family lives. Once across the other side, they make their way into a town and stay at a church run by a unique pastor. He lets them stay for free, as long as they help with chores once in a while. While at the church, Angela and Jaime meet three other boys, who help them on the way to their goal. All of them eventually leave Jaime and Angela in different ways.

One of the boys leaves after a couple men confront the group. He goes with them to help steal, sell illegal drugs, and other awful things. Another of the boys, (the youngest and quietest) who was attached to Angela, leaves after deciding to take the train and tell the last remaining boy to stay with Angela. After he leaves, Jaime realizes that “he” was not a boy. The last of the boys, the oldest, is killed in a terrible and adrenaline-pumping truck chase in which Angela gets injured and cannot walk.

Angela and Jaime eventually make it to a farm where the lady inside lets them drink water, fix gates, and watch after the children. She also takes them to the United States-Mexican border.

Will Angela and Jaime make it to their brother, Tomas? Will they ever talk to their family back in Guatemala again? Read this exciting book to find out!

Personal Review;

I loved this book. It was really exciting, and I don’t think that I reviewed it quick enough after I read it to portray the excitement and loss that I felt from this book. I really hope you read this young adult fiction book!

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Sexual content; Sexual reference to when they are crossing the border, they must take of almost all clothes and some men look at Angela. No elaborate descriptions.

Violence content; Reference to gory content, separated limbs beside train tracks.

Drug/Alcohol content; none



Adrienne Parker

The Fault in Our Stars

Image credit; http://www.amazon.com

Author; John Green

I just reread this book, because when I read it the first time, I was younger and didn’t take as much meaning in as I did. So now I understand it and I like it better. Also, sorry this review is so short. But the biggest part isn’t at the end, but more towards the middle. I really don’t want to give it away…


It opens with depression. A 16 year old girl named Hazel Grace has a terminal form of thyroid cancer in her lungs. She has to lug around an oxygen concentrator (named Phillip) to help her breathe. Her mother doesn’t have a job. Outside the house. Her full-time job is hovering around Hazel and encouraging her to get out of the house. Her mother tells her go to a Support Group at the church, and Hazel goes, without knowing her life is about to change.

When she gets there, a handsome boy stares at her. Hazel talks to him after the Support Group is over and she finds out he was staring at her because (and I quote), “Because you’re beautiful. I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence.” *reader swoons at this point*

They eventually become good friends, although Augustus keeps hinting that he’s in love with Hazel. Later, Hazel makes Gus (Augustus) read her all-time favorite book, An Imperial Affliction which she has read dozens of times. It is about a sick girl, who is narrating the story, and the story literally ends in the middle of a sentence. All Hazel wants to do is meet Peter Van Houten, who moved to Amsterdam after he finished the boo, and make him tell hen organization that gives one wish to every kid with cancer). He takes Hazel to Amsterdam and has her meet Peter Van Houten.

Unfortunately, he’s not at all what she thought he was. His assistant apologizes over and over again, but it’s not enough to mask the hate Peter feels for the world and Hazel and Augustus. Eventually, they leave and go back to the hotel room together.

During the Amsterdam trip, Augustus lets out some terrible news. What is it? Is something wrong with him? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Personal review;

I like this book okay. I mean, I like John Green and his originality, but I just didn’t love this book beyond all existence. I liked it because it really pulls at your emotions. Love, hate, and (most of all) sadness. Amazing roller coaster.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Sexual Content; sexual reference to Augustus and Hazel in the hotel room

Violence Content; none

Drug/Alcohol Content; alcohol reference to Peter Van Houten



Adrienne Parker

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone <3

Image credit; http://www.amazon.com

Author; J.K. Rowling

Warning; This book is so awesome. I can go on and on about this book for HOURS. So, please be patient. 😉 Also, I’m just going to review the first book, because the rest of the books have the same amount of violence and drug/alcohol content. And once you read the first book, you don’t need a review of the second one. They are all amazing.

Here’s the overview;

We enter in the first book upon the words I have long since memorized, “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” But they had a secret. Their greatest fear was that someone would discover that they had anything to do with the Potters.

Meanwhile outside, unusual things are happening. Owls flying past in broad daylight, strange people in cloaks, shooting stars down in Kent, and a whisper about the Potters…

That night, Albus Dumbledore comes to the rescue for young Harry Potter and sets him on his Aunt and Uncle’s doorstep with a letter explaining everything. That the rumors are true, the ones about baby Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Explaining his lightning bolt scar.

Nearly ten years later, it’s Dudley’s (his cousin) birthday. They go to the zoo and Dudley soon finds the biggest snake in the house. It is sleeping, though. Harry is left alone beside the snake, and actually talks to it. Dudley pushes him out of the way to see better, and then the glass vanishes!

A while after that incident, Harry gets a letter. But his uncle takes it away from him almost immediately. Soon, letters come for Harry all over the place! In the eggs, in the milk, through the windows. But Uncle Vernon soon loses his temper when a thousand letters come pelting out the fireplace. He takes his family to stay at a hut on a rock in the middle of the sea. It’s terrible.

At midnight on Harry’s birthday, a giant named Rubeus Hagrid comes knocking (over) the door. He tells Harry (almost) everything about him and his parents, and takes him off to buy school supplies. When he goes to find his wand, he waves what seems to be every wand in the shop. But he finds a wand that Mr. Ollivander pronounces, “Curious.” It is curious, Harry finds out, because the phoenix who supplied the feather inside his wand gave another feather. To the person’s wand gave him his scar.

The year starts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Harry trying to find his classes. He soon learns there is a lot more to magic that waving your wand and saying nonsense words. But he makes friends for the first time; Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. But trouble is brewing. A three-headed dog comes into Harry’s life and what is it guarding? Who is this Professor Snape who almost everyone hates? What will happen to Harry Potter?

Okay, personal review now;

I love these books with all my heart. They are so amazing. But I sort of hate and love J.K. Rowling at the same time, because she created a world that I can’t be a part of. 😦 But they are my staple books, I read them all the time. I’ve read them 12 times back to back, and I’m on the fourth book working on the 13th time.

Sexual Content; none

Violence; reference to violence when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the secret chamber getting past jinxes and the person at the end

Drug/Alcohol; reference to alcohol with Hagrid (does not actually describe him being drunk)


I really hope you enjoyed this review!

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker