The Fault in Our Stars

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Author; John Green

I just reread this book, because when I read it the first time, I was younger and didn’t take as much meaning in as I did. So now I understand it and I like it better. Also, sorry this review is so short. But the biggest part isn’t at the end, but more towards the middle. I really don’t want to give it away…


It opens with depression. A 16 year old girl named Hazel Grace has a terminal form of thyroid cancer in her lungs. She has to lug around an oxygen concentrator (named Phillip) to help her breathe. Her mother doesn’t have a job. Outside the house. Her full-time job is hovering around Hazel and encouraging her to get out of the house. Her mother tells her go to a Support Group at the church, and Hazel goes, without knowing her life is about to change.

When she gets there, a handsome boy stares at her. Hazel talks to him after the Support Group is over and she finds out he was staring at her because (and I quote), “Because you’re beautiful. I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence.” *reader swoons at this point*

They eventually become good friends, although Augustus keeps hinting that he’s in love with Hazel. Later, Hazel makes Gus (Augustus) read her all-time favorite book, An Imperial Affliction which she has read dozens of times. It is about a sick girl, who is narrating the story, and the story literally ends in the middle of a sentence. All Hazel wants to do is meet Peter Van Houten, who moved to Amsterdam after he finished the boo, and make him tell hen organization that gives one wish to every kid with cancer). He takes Hazel to Amsterdam and has her meet Peter Van Houten.

Unfortunately, he’s not at all what she thought he was. His assistant apologizes over and over again, but it’s not enough to mask the hate Peter feels for the world and Hazel and Augustus. Eventually, they leave and go back to the hotel room together.

During the Amsterdam trip, Augustus lets out some terrible news. What is it? Is something wrong with him? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Personal review;

I like this book okay. I mean, I like John Green and his originality, but I just didn’t love this book beyond all existence. I liked it because it really pulls at your emotions. Love, hate, and (most of all) sadness. Amazing roller coaster.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Sexual Content; sexual reference to Augustus and Hazel in the hotel room

Violence Content; none

Drug/Alcohol Content; alcohol reference to Peter Van Houten



Adrienne Parker

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone <3

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Author; J.K. Rowling

Warning; This book is so awesome. I can go on and on about this book for HOURS. So, please be patient. 😉 Also, I’m just going to review the first book, because the rest of the books have the same amount of violence and drug/alcohol content. And once you read the first book, you don’t need a review of the second one. They are all amazing.

Here’s the overview;

We enter in the first book upon the words I have long since memorized, “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” But they had a secret. Their greatest fear was that someone would discover that they had anything to do with the Potters.

Meanwhile outside, unusual things are happening. Owls flying past in broad daylight, strange people in cloaks, shooting stars down in Kent, and a whisper about the Potters…

That night, Albus Dumbledore comes to the rescue for young Harry Potter and sets him on his Aunt and Uncle’s doorstep with a letter explaining everything. That the rumors are true, the ones about baby Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Explaining his lightning bolt scar.

Nearly ten years later, it’s Dudley’s (his cousin) birthday. They go to the zoo and Dudley soon finds the biggest snake in the house. It is sleeping, though. Harry is left alone beside the snake, and actually talks to it. Dudley pushes him out of the way to see better, and then the glass vanishes!

A while after that incident, Harry gets a letter. But his uncle takes it away from him almost immediately. Soon, letters come for Harry all over the place! In the eggs, in the milk, through the windows. But Uncle Vernon soon loses his temper when a thousand letters come pelting out the fireplace. He takes his family to stay at a hut on a rock in the middle of the sea. It’s terrible.

At midnight on Harry’s birthday, a giant named Rubeus Hagrid comes knocking (over) the door. He tells Harry (almost) everything about him and his parents, and takes him off to buy school supplies. When he goes to find his wand, he waves what seems to be every wand in the shop. But he finds a wand that Mr. Ollivander pronounces, “Curious.” It is curious, Harry finds out, because the phoenix who supplied the feather inside his wand gave another feather. To the person’s wand gave him his scar.

The year starts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Harry trying to find his classes. He soon learns there is a lot more to magic that waving your wand and saying nonsense words. But he makes friends for the first time; Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. But trouble is brewing. A three-headed dog comes into Harry’s life and what is it guarding? Who is this Professor Snape who almost everyone hates? What will happen to Harry Potter?

Okay, personal review now;

I love these books with all my heart. They are so amazing. But I sort of hate and love J.K. Rowling at the same time, because she created a world that I can’t be a part of. 😦 But they are my staple books, I read them all the time. I’ve read them 12 times back to back, and I’m on the fourth book working on the 13th time.

Sexual Content; none

Violence; reference to violence when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the secret chamber getting past jinxes and the person at the end

Drug/Alcohol; reference to alcohol with Hagrid (does not actually describe him being drunk)


I really hope you enjoyed this review!

Yours in writing,

Adrienne Parker

I Will Always Write Back

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Authors; Caitlin Alifirenka, Martin Ganda, and Liz Welch

Okay, first off, this book is amazing. If you never read it, I don’t think I could be friends with you. 😉 Just kidding (or am I??)!

Anyways, here’s the book summary;

It all starts in a 6th grade classroom in Pennsylvania when the teacher starts handing out pen pal assignments. Caitlin Stoicsitz almost never volunteers information without being asked, and even surprises herself when she raises her hand to pick the country on the bottom of the list; Zimbabwe. She writes the first letter, mostly about herself and some questions for her pen pal.

The letter arrives in a classroom in Zimbabwe, where it meets the hands of Martin Ganda, top student in the school. Martin joyously reads the letter and writes back cheerfully.

The connection between these two young people continue, with Caitlin telling Martin everything. He writes back, always on her side. But he never tells Caitlin directly that Zimbabwe and his family is having trouble. Caitlin eventually finds out, and starts sending him money; just $20 from babysitting is all it takes for Martin’s family to keep him in school and keep their house! Caitlin continues to send money to Martin without her parents knowing. They soon find out, and begin to help Martin as well.

Caitlin and her parents send money and care packages to Martin and his family for a while. Martin then qualifies for a very good all-boy school in Africa. But he has bigger plans; America.

Caitlin and her parents work hard to get Martin a scholarship. Will they succeed? Find out yourself!

Now for my personal summary!;

I loved this book. It was so inspiring and emotional. A ROLLER COASTER! But it was amazing. So far, I have read only one book in the world better than this book (trust me, guys, I read A LOT); Harry Potter, but I am a Potterhead, so that’s expected. 🙂 I was only disappointed by the fact that they didn’t give a full epilogue about how their lives turned out! There was a small epilogue about Caitlin’s wedding, but that’s about it.

Over all, I would give this book 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Sexual content; none

Violence content; reference to the Twin Towers incident, reference to bombing in Zimbabwe

Drug/Alcohol content; reference to alcohol through Martin’s father

Until next time,

Adrienne Parker